Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20th

The Old Iron Nut and I spent a delightful day with our Anthem, Az, friend Mark at the Grand Canyon!  While the day started out at 31 degrees at 6:00 AM, it was sunny, shirt-sleeve weather at the Canyon.

Here we are on the South Rim, at the Mather Point and Verkamp's Visitor area,the most well-known tourist areas.
Throughout the day the Old Iron Nut and I took around 300 pictures.  This one is just a sample of the beauty that surrounded us throughout the day.  I do not claim to be anything other than an amateur camera clicker, but I do try to find interesting things to capture...
...and I find old wood to be interesting.

 While still at the same South Rim area, a California Condor put on quite a show for all of us tourists!  It sat on a boulder for several minutes before taking flight.

Its tags were visible on its wings (Tag H9), so we knew it was a released condor.  Mark looked it up on the government website to find that this one was born in Portland 6/3/2008 and was released 9/24/2011. 

On a whim, we decided to drive part of the Desert View Drive, a new experience for all three of us.  Wow, what a winner!!!  Be sure to do this drive when you visit the Grand Canyon.  There are numerous easy-to-park pull-outs with panaramic views of the canyon.

To me, rocks and bolders are similar to clouds....they often contain faces and familiar figures.  Please use your imaginations and dream with me :)

What face do you see?  A wolf, a cat, Roscoe Dawg??

Hmmmm... a buffalo?  a Viking?  Elvis?
And now my favorite.  All day I've been humming, "Little Jackie Paper (on left) loved that rascal Puff (the Magic Dragon, on right)".  There may be a dozen or so pictures of this in our photo files.
And the last picture for today's adventure, our best view of the Colorado River:


Another great day in the lives of Miss Glorianna and the Old Iron Nut!  Life is good.

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